Junior Cycle Geography Virtual Experiences

The Earth

1.0 The Structure of the Earth

 Learn about the structure of the Earth

Case Study: The Mid-Atlantic Ridge



1.1 Formation of Volcanoes

 Learn about several volcanoes

Case Study: Iceland and Mount Yasur



1.2 Volcanoes and People

 Learn about people and volcanoes

Case Study: Iceland and Italy




2.0 Formation of Fold Mountains

 Learn about the formation of fold mountains

Case Study: Loughshinny, North Dublin



2.1 Periods of Fold Mountain Formation

 Learn about periods of folding

Case Study: Dublin-Wicklow Mountains, Comeragh Mountains, and the Himalayas.




3.0 The Rock Cycle

 Learn about the rock cycle

Case Study: The Giants Causeway, The Burren, and Croagh Patrick



3.1 Formation of Igneous Rocks

 Learn about the formation of igneous rocks

Case Study: The Giants Causeway, Iceland’s south coast and the Wicklow Mountains


3.2 Formation of Sedimentary Rocks

 Learn about the formation of sedimentary rocks

Case Study: The Burren, Co. Clare



3.3 Formation of Metamorphic Rocks

 Learn about the formation of metamorphic rocks

Case Study: The Great Sugarloaf Mountain, Croagh Patrick, and an Italian marble quarry.




4.0 Mechanical Weathering

 Learn about Freeze-Thaw Action

Case Study: Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo



4.1 Chemical Weathering

 Learn about chemical weathering

Case Study: The Burren, Co. Clare



4.2 The Burren and People

 Learn about tourism in the Burren

Case Study: The Burren, Co. Clare



Mass Movement

5.0 Mass Movement

 Learn about mudflows and landslides

Case Study: Meager Creek Landslide, Canada




6.0 Soils

 Learn about several soil types

Case Study: Wicklow, Galway, Offaly, and Tipperary




7.0 Rivers

 Learn about the stages of a river

Case Study: Victoria Falls and the River Liffey



7.4 People and Rivers

 Learn about dams

Case Study: The Hoover Dam, Colorado



7.1 Waterfalls

 Learn about waterfalls

Case Study: Victoria Falls and Gullfoss Waterfall



7.2 Meanders

 Learn about the meanders

Case Study: The River Moy, River Liffey, and Colorado River



7.3 Deltas and Levees

 Learn about river deposition

Case Study: Victoria Falls and the River Liffey



The Sea

8.0 The Sea - Waves and Longshore Drift

 Learn about waves and longshore drift

Case Study: Our Lady’s Island, Co. Wexford



8.1 The Sea - Features of Erosion

 Learn about bays and headlands, cliffs, sea stacks and blowholes

Case Study: Downpatrick Head, Cliffs of Moher, Loughshinny Bay



8.2 The Sea - Features of Deposition

 Learn about beaches, sand spits, lagoons and tombolo’s

Case Study: Rosslare Strand and Our Lady’s Island



8.3 The Sea - People and the Sea

 Learn about Rosslare and People

Case Study: Rosslare Port, County Wexford




9.0 Features of Erosion

 Learn about the corries, cirques and U-shaped Valleys

Case Study:  Wicklow, Comeragh Mountains, and Alaska



9.1 Features of Deposition

 Learn about the moraines, eskers, and drumlins.

Case Study:  Westport, Alaska, and County Meath



9.2 Glaciation and People

 Learn about the Glendalough

Case Study:  Glendalough, County Wicklow




10.0 Hot Climates

 Learn about the hot climates of the world

Case Study: Sahara Desert, Amazon Rainforest and Tanzania



10.1 Temperate Climates

 Learn about the temperate climates of the world

Case Study: The Mediterranean and Ireland



10.2 Cold Climates

 Learn about the cold climates of the world

Case Study: Norway and Alaska



Severe Weather

11.0 Severe Weather

 Learn about hurricanes and tornadoes

Case Study: Hurricane Sandy and Joplin



Natural Disasters

12.0 Natural Disasters

 Learn about the Tsunamis and Earthquakes

Case Study: 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami



Primary Economic Activities

13.0 Primary Economic Activities

 Learn about farming

Case Study: Ireland, Italy, and New Zeland



Energy Resources

14.0 Renewable Energy

 Learn about renewable energy

Case Study: Ireland and Germany



14.1 Non-renewable Energy

 Learn about non-renewable energy

Case Study: Ireland, Poland, and California



Climate Change

15.0 Climate Change

 Learn about renewable energy

Case Study: Ireland and Germany



Tertiary Economic Activities

15.0 Tertiary Economic Activities

 Learn about tourism

Case Study: Ireland 



Exploitation of Resources

16.0 Exploitation of Water

 Learn about the exploitation of water 

Case Study: Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Ireland



16.1 Exploitation of Natural Resources

 Learn about the overfishing

Case Study: Ireland and Sri Lanka