The Earth

Junior Cycle Geography

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1.0 The Structure of the Earth

 Learn about the structure of the Earth

Case Study: Iceland and Vanuatu

Five Scenes



Teacher and Student Resources

1.1 Constructive Plate Boundaries

 Learn about constructive plate boundaries

   Case Study: Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Iceland

One Scene


1.2 Destructive Plate Boundaries - Fold Mountains

 Learn about destructive plate boundaries

Case Study: The Himalayas

One Scene 


1.3 Destructive Plate Boundaries - Volcanoes

 Learn about destructive plate boundaries

Case Study: Mount Yasur Volcano

One Scene


1.4 Conservative Plate Boundaries

 Learn about conservative plate boundaries

Case Study: Italy

One Scene 


1.5 Formation of Volcanoes

 Learn about several volcanoes

   Case Study: Krakatoa, Mount Yasur and Mount Vesuvius

Four Scenes 


1.6 Types of Volcanoes

 Learn about composite and shield volcanoes

Case Study: Hawaii and Italy

Four Scenes 

1.7 Volcanoes - Eyjafjallajökull Volcano

 Learn about people and volcanoes

Case Study: Iceland

One Scene



1.8 Volcanoes - Mount Vesuvius

 Learn about people and volcanoes

Case Study: Italy

Four Scenes



1.9 Earthquakes

Learn about the 2009 L’ Aquila earthquake

Case Study: Italy

Four Scenes



1.10 Earthquake-Proof Buildings

 Learn about earthquake-proof buildings

Case Study: America, Taiwan, Dubai and Italy

Six Scenes



1.11 Tsunamis and Earthquakes

  Learn about the 2011 Japanese Tsunami

Case Study: Japan

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