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Our Mission

Our mission at SchooVR is to ensure that every student feels empowered and engaged in their learning experience, regardless of their ability. Our job at SchooVR is to create learning experiences that will change how students view the world and learning.

Learning brought to life

SchooVR is the first virtual reality learning tool developed by teachers, for teachers, to increase student engagement through interactive learning experiences. Imagine geography lessons where students can experience the sights for themselves. Think of the possibilities we can create by bringing history to life, as students immerse themselves in another time and place. The power to engage is the power to truly teach, and SchooVR creates engagement by utilising technology and concepts that students are already familiar with.

With SchooVR, we’ve brought learning to life, to create more impactful learning opportunities for students all over the world.

Welcome to the future of immersive learning.

Welcome to the beginning of more impactful education.

Welcome to SchooVR.

Learning brought to life.

Post-Primary School Teacher

Mark Baldwin

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