Rocks and Soil

Natural Environments

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1.0 The Structure of the Earth

 Learn about the structure of the Earth

Case Study: Mount Yasur, Vanuatu

Four Scenes



1.1 Volcanoes

 Learn about several volcanoes

Case Study: Iceland and Mount Yasur

Five Scenes



1.2 Earthquakes

Learn about the 2009 L’ Aquila earthquakes

Case Study: Italy

Five Scenes




1.3 Earthquake-Proof Buildings

 Learn about earthquake-proof buildings

Case Study: America, Dubai and China

Five Scenes



1.4 Earthquakes and Tsunamis

 Learn about the 2011 Japanese Tsunami

Case Study: Japan

Four Scenes



1.5 The Rock Cycle

 Learn about the rock cycle

Case Study: The Giants Causeway, The Burren, and Croagh Patrick

Five Scenes



1.6 Igneous Rocks

 Learn about the formation of igneous rocks

Case Study: The Giants Causeway, Iceland’s south coast and the Wicklow Mountains

Five Scenes


1.7 Sedimentary Rocks

 Learn about the formation of sedimentary rocks

Case Study: The Burren, Co. Clare

Four Scenes


1.8 Metamorphic Rocks

 Learn about the formation of metamorphic rocks

Case Study: The Great Sugarloaf Mountain, Croagh Patrick, and an Italian marble quarry.

Five Scenes