Revolutionise how your Students Learn

SchooVR encourages students and teachers to experience school content in new and exciting ways.

Immersive ad engaging experiences

Ready-to-Teach Junior Cycle Resources

Curriculum Aligned

SchooVR virtual experiences are aligned to the Junior Cycle geography syllabus. Our platform can be used with any geography textbook. 

Immersive Learning

Students are encouraged to create new learning and memorable experiences. Visit hundreds of locations without leaving the classroom.

Transferable Skills

Students will develop  a variety of different skills. Each virtual experience develops skills like critical thinking, problem solving and communication. 

Virtual Reality

Our virtual experiences can be viewed using virtual reality goggles. Students can use their smartphones to visit over 100 virtual worlds.

Unique Learning Tools

A Tool for the Flipped Classroom

SchooVR is a teaching platform that provides teachers and students with immersive and engaging geography experiences. Our ready-made teacher and student activities will enhance how technology is used in classrooms around the world.

Immersive and engaging Experiences

Enhance how Students Learn

At SchooVR we have witnessed first-hand the difficulties and challenges faced by educators and students regarding the sourcing of curriculum aligned digital resources. Our learning platform, created by passionate and enthusiastic teachers, serves to show that technology can enhance both the learning experiences of students and teachers. SchooVR platform can be accessed using any smart device including an iPad, tablet, chromebook and smartphone. Register today and see for yourself how our virtual experiences will revolutionise how your students learn.

Immersive and engaging virtual experiences

Revolutionise how your Students Learn