Physical Features of Europe and the World

Natural Environments

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4.0 Mountains: The Alps

 Learn about the Alps

Case Study: The Alps, Switzerland and France

Four Scenes



4.1 Mountains: The Himalayas

 Learn about the Himalayas

Case Study: Mount Everest 

Four Scenes



4.2 Rivers: The Rhine

Learn about the Rhine

Case Study: The Rhine, Switzerland

One Scene




4.3 Rivers: The Nile

 Learn about the River Nile

Case Study: The River Nile, Egypt

One Scene



4.4 Rivers: The Amazon

 Learn about the Amazon River

Case Study: Ecuador 

One Scene



4.5 Desert: The Sahara Desert

Learn about the Sahara Desert

Case Study: Sahara Desert, Morocco

One Scene




4.6 Desert: The Great Australian Desert

 Learn about the Australian Desert

Case Study: Uluru, Australia

One Scene