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About Us

Our mission at SchooVR is to ensure that every student feels empowered and engaged in their learning, regardless of their ability.

About Us

An idea is born

As a teacher, founder Mark Baldwin witnessed first-hand the move towards using technology in his classroom. He felt that there was a lack of curriculum-aligned digital content for his students and colleagues to use. Many teachers were forced to use eBooks in the same manner they would a traditional textbook, while paying large sums of money for an iPad or Chromebook.

The idea for SchooVR was born when Mark was using virtual reality with his students. Students became immersed and engaged in their learning experience, something an eBook or textbook had failed to do in the past.

SchooVR Team

SchooVR About Us

Managing Director – Mark Baldwin

CTO – Theodore Giossis

SchooVR protects your privacy

Protecting your privacy is fundamental to our mission and business. We do not sell members data our advertise on our platform. Read more about our privacy pledge in our Privacy Center.

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